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Saffron's Retirement Interest Only (RIO) Mortgage offers further options to an ageing population

Saffron Building Society has announced that its Retirement Interest Only (RIO) Mortgage is now available across its entire network of broker partners giving retired customers opportunity to stay in their homes for longer, or to unlock the value of their properties freeing up cash to enable wider lifestyle opportunities.

Friday 28 June 2019 15:16 Press release

Retired Couple

3-year discounted Rates:

3.34% (SVR-2.3%) to 50% LTV – requires a Power of Attorney (POA) to be in place for applicant
3.64% (SVR-2.0%) to 50% LTV

Arrangement fee: £999
Early Repayment Fee: 3% for 3 years
Overpayments: 20% penalty free per annum
Loan: Min loan £30K, Max loan £1M
Min Term: 5 Years
Max Term: None
Repayment: Interest only
Purpose: Purchase or re-mortgage

Who would it appeal to?

The new RIO product will appeal to different market segments depending on their needs:

The mortgage allows borrowers to protect the equity in their home and/or release equity to support their lifestyle such as looking after family members, residential care or home improvements.
People with an interest only mortgage, who have a repayment vehicle in place, can choose to use their capital for other purposes.
Borrowers with an interest only mortgage, who do not have a repayment vehicle, can use this product to stay in their property for longer.

Life expectancy

In 1982, average life expectancy in the UK was 72 — just seven years beyond men’s default retirement age of 65, but things are changing. Now, life expectancy has risen to a level not seen in previous generations, people can choose when they leave the workforce and they have far more options on how to live their lives after full time employment. Saffron is developing products like RIO to fulfil shifting needs.

Anita Arch, Head of Mortgage Sales at Saffron Building Society said: “Many consumers don’t think it’s possible to obtain a mortgage in retirement let alone get one that can help fund a lifestyle. People are living longer and are expecting to maintain a certain standard of living during this time.
At Saffron, we don’t believe customers should be limited by ‘everyday’ products – we like to be flexible and are increasingly offering more options in the ‘specialist’ space to meet customer needs more appropriately. Our RIO product utilises the capital linked to homeownership and is becoming a popular way to finance living in later life. We look forward to reaching out to more and more brokers with this latest mortgage so they have a further option to offer to those in retirement.”