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Self and Custom-Build Resources

Don’t be stranger to self-build, become an expert with Saffron resources!

On average, according to NaCSBA (the National Custom and Self build Association) across developed countries, roughly 40% of all new homes are self-commissioned, with the figure as high as 60% in Austria. 

Meanwhile in the UK, just 7% of all new homes are self-commissioned, demonstrating the huge potential for self and custom-build to support housing supply much more than it is at present, and we’re seeing this translate into growth in borrowing as a result.

Both custom-build and its better known cousin self-build, are fantastic ways for someone to craft their dream home, and we are proud to be offering flexible finance solutions at the forefront of this market. They are just one way we at Saffron are embracing different types of lending.

But with this being a small untapped part of the market products aren’t enough on their own. So we’re offering a set of resources to help brokers build their knowledge to support their clients with self and custom build mortgage options, as and when they need it. We hope they’re useful.


March 2024 episode - We discuss how Self build and custom build market in the UK is behind our European counterparts. Click on the image above to tune in or find this and other episodes on alternative streaming platforms. 


September 2021 episode - We discuss the issues surrounding cladding, the lack of affordable homes and how self-building can be a solution to these problems. 


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