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Approved Solicitor & Converyancer Panel

We have a panel of conveyancers who are eligible to act on behalf of the Society. Click here to check your client’s preferred conveyancer is on our Conveyancing Panel before completing a full mortgage application as this will help to avoid delays. Make sure that you check that the conveyancer’s office address is on the list. We update this document monthly.

If your client’s preferred conveyancer is not on the panel, input the Solicitor/Licenced Conveyancer detail into the Solicitor field of your client’s application within the Broker Portal or send us a message via the Broker Portal. We will then forward the Panel Application forms to the conveyancer for completion and return to enable us to assess the request; check our criteria to ensure that the preferred conveyancer meets our requirements.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to the Panel or to suspend or remove a firm from our Panel. Alternatively your client can choose another conveyancer from our Panel.