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Vulnerable Customers

Vulnerable Customers

Ensuring the customer is at the heart of everything we do.

At Saffron for intermediaries, we are committed to providing fair and appropriate treatment to all of our customers. This commitment to treating customers fairly forms the basis for everything we do. This includes provision of support for customers that we understand or reasonably suspect to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability can come in a range of guises and can be temporary, sporadic or permanent in nature. The FCA's Occasional Paper highlights a number of characteristics and circumstances that may increase the likelihood of vulnerability. It is therefore the duty of our staff and intermediary partners to understand and if necessary, act upon this guidance.

By ensuring that the utmost is done to deal with vulnerable customers appropriately, we can be safe in the knowledge that their best interests are always at heart.

What to do if you have identified a vulnerable customer

If a customer has disclosed information about their circumstances, or display any personal characteristics which you consider could make them vulnerable, then please call our Intermediary Support Team on 01799 582 925 or email as soon as possible. We will ensure that any information provided is recorded accurately to assist us when dealing with the customer.

FCA's guidance

View the guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers 

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