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Our latest service levels

Stay up to date with our latest service levels. 

Our timescales are quoted in working days and are updated daily. These timescales are estimates based on current estimates. Some cases may take slightly longer - we'll keep you updated if we need anything further from you.

DIP Referral (Residential & Buy-to-Let)  Our current service level is 1 working days. 
DIP Referral (Self Build)Our current service level is 2 working days. 
Processing document review (all cases)Our current service level is 5 working days. 

Underwriting Initial Review (all cases) 

Please note the application is only sent to underwriters once all documentation has been reviewed by our processing team

Our current service level is 3 working days. 
Processing additional document review (all cases)Our current service level is 5 working days. 
Underwriting Additional Reviews (all cases)Our current service level is 3 working days. 

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss a specific case or have any queries, please contact your BDM. New to Saffron? You can find your BDM using the link below

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