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Portfolio Landlords

A portfolio landlord is a landlord with 4 or more mortgaged buy to let properties on or before completion.

Minimum ICR on properties being financed by the Society:

• Re-mortgage no capital raising: Rental cover 125% of pay rate
• Re-mortgage capital raising and new BTL: Rental cover 140% of either pay rate +2% or 5.5%, whichever is higher
• 5 Years fixed rate: Rental Cover 140% of pay rate

All other BTL assets in the portfolio (not financed by the society) must meet rental cover of at least 125% of pay rate both individually and collectively.

The Society will lend up to a maximum of 10 properties in aggregate but with a maximum exposure of £3m to any individual

Maximum LTV is 75% on each property (this includes any fees to be added)


At FMA stage we will require four additional documents to be completed and uploaded onto the case.

These documents can be found below:

Property Portfolio Form – Form to include properties held in both personal and business names - all applicants portfolio details can be submitted on the same form
       (Once completed this must be converted to PDF and uploaded within the portal)

Business Plans – Form includes cash flows and personal assets and liabilities form 
       · For Limited Company Buy-to-Lets please complete this form for each director
       · Personal assets and liabilities section must be completed for each applicant

Further support

If you are still in need of assistance we have more tools available to help you with your case from A-Z criteria to handy calculators to see how much your client could borrow.

Tools and support